Realizing Your Dream Home Interior in Kochi: Problems And Solutions

As any homeowner would undoubtedly understand, a dream home is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Although it is quite a daunting task to address all the issues of interior design before you plan the fine details, it sure is exciting to work on the process of converting a simple living space into the cozy home that is just right. Even a simple accessory in the right place can change the way your home looks, influencing your daily life indirectly. 

There are a few issues that you need to keep in mind before getting down to the business of redesigning home interiors in Kochi. Let us take a look at some of the common problems and figure out how to avoid them as best as possible.

Visualising the space

Unlike professionals who have the training to accurately determine the layout of a room off the cuff, the average homeowner has to visualise where each furnishing would need to be placed. It can pose a problem if you only have a vague idea of where your accessories should be placed, and all you have is the floor plan or pictures of the room you are designing. 

Try to decide beforehand the functional aspects of each room, so that the civil architecture can be moulded to fit the design you have in mind. Next, organize the accessories by these functions and their particular position in each room or living space. Individually they may appear unpaired to the space around them, but having dedicated areas for each group of accessories can streamline this space and make it appear less cluttered.
Additionally, there are online interior design tools that make short work of this task without the need for on-the-ground reorganisation.

Working on styles

As the expression goes, “only a Sith deals in absolutes.” It is always a good idea to combine multiple styles without relying too heavily on a modernistic design. This lends a personal touch to your home without appearing disorganised. And since it is your home and not an office block, you can experiment with the aesthetics of each style according to the purpose of the room in which you plan to apply it. Alternatively, you can work with an interior design company in Kochi who will be able to assist you in picking out a custom design incorporating multiple styles for your living space. 

Constraints on space

The issue of space transcends interior design. In a city like Kochi, living space can come at a premium. Even with a large space at your disposal, it can be quite difficult to fit in everything

systematically. If your living plan does not foresee any expansion later on it would need to be managed expertly so as to give you the best of both worlds.

Some people tend to put too many small items in a room, giving it a cluttered, disorganised look Others put in too many bulky items and make the room appear small and stuffy. A well-scaled interior design plan ensures that the right mixture of items in proper sizes are used to decorate your home. We have a couple of solutions to the prospect of a cramped home.

Visual scaling:

Making your room appear larger is one trick that every homeowner needs to know before starting on interior design in Kochi. Note that this is more of a conceptual solution than one that offers any practical benefits.

Dark coloured walls make a room appear less spacious, so it is advised to use lighter colours on walls and ceilings. If using a dark color on a wall, try to make it like a band between lighter colours. This way, your room would appear to be horizontally stretched. Glossy paint, especially in common areas will reflect light evenly and give off a soft ambience..

Natural lighting options should be preferred to artificial lighting whenever possible. Even when using internal lighting, try to incorporate layers rather than overhead lighting. This diffuses the focus of the lighting to a wider area, highlighting open spaces.

Expanding storage options:

This is one area of interior design that works to your advantage in the long run. 

Furniture that come with hidden storage – like storage beds or multifunctional furniture – desks with drawers, can be a great choice for compact decor. Consult a good interior design company in Kochi to get a better look at the options for different kinds of rooms.

Budget and Execution

On an average, homeowners spend about a tenth of the project budget on interior design. While the cost of interior design in Kochi can be steep at times, there is no reason to be frugal when it comes to the essential furnishings. Keep a surplus in your budget in case you encounter any unexpected changes to the planned accessories or even switch out for a higher-priced design element later on. Furniture is an aspect of the interior decor that stays with you for a long time. Try to establish a proper plan outlining the size and placement of each accessory beforehand. This beats having buyers remorse and ending up with furniture that you are not 
Engage with a reliable interior design company in Kochi that can work within the budget. However, there is no standard time for completing any project: procuring supplies and implementing the design varies by style and design structure as much as the materials used. The design company will be able to commit to the project schedule while allowing for contingency measures ensuring the timely execution of your project.

Design around yourself

Qualitative interior designing was once a domain of the affluent; the need for a comfortably furnished living space was superseded for convenience by most people. But now, with the abundance of  information accessible to everyone, environmental and sustainability concerns have been integrated into interior design models. Stark, functional houses are a thing of the past. The current trend is to incorporate intuitive designs that are aesthetically pleasing and have a positive influence on the health of the homeowners.

It would not be an overstatement that your home has a special bond with you on a subconscious level. A holistic interior design plan takes into consideration the emotional and physical well-being of the residents when planning the lighting pattern, the orientation of doors and windows and even the material for the floors.


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