Lcd Unit

    • LC-007

      Neat and steady

      Teak finish for that smooth, natural look. 

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    • LC-006

      TV Display area enhance the beauty of living room, simple and elegant TV area cum display unit done by arena interiors

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    • LC-005

      The limited space makes it difficult to buy those lavishing furniture’s which demand larger room and open spaces to fit in. In such cases, modular TV storage units can be a life saviour. That’s why many modular furniture manufacturers in Kochi Kerala are coming up with such TV units which provide ample storage space yet looks fashionable.

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    • LC-004

      The TV unit mimics the simplistic design scheme with a wall mounted setup accompanied by a sleek console table to house the equipment. 

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    • LC-003

      TV Unit with Storage Space

      The urban lifestyle is all about saving space. 

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    • LC-002

      Modern home interior

      Modular TV units are in demand as this cozy living room space is the most relaxing place for the urban population.

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    • LC-001

      Compact superior design

      The design is dependent on how much space you have in the space designated for TV  whether you can have storage on the sides and beneath it, or if you can accommodate only a simple wall mounted design with back paneling.

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    • LC-008

      If you are on a tight budget interior, then this basic wall mounted solution with a store bought console table works best. This space is designed by Arena Interiors.

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    • LC-009

      These days, small TV Wall with added shelves fits at any room décor. It is considered the best design solutions that go pretty well with the contemporary living rooms.  Luxury interior designers in kochi.

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    • If are short of storage select this LED tv unit model

      TV unit which can fit your space and necessities.

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    • LC-011


      Luxury home interiors.

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