A Guide to Establishing a Functional Home Workspace

Working from home has become the default option since the global pandemic situation has necessitated decentralizing the office workspace. While a lot of folks had been used to a workspace at home, this sudden shift has made it quite clear that this change could be here to stay. With the advancement in information technology, we can turn any room into a fully functional office with some neat tricks in interior design.

Adapting to this new environment can be irksome and downright awkward at first for a lot of people, who have become used to the daily grind of the office environment. But with the right setup and  We put together some suggestions from renowned interior designers in Kerala to help you ease into this new life and maximise your productivity in the comfort of home.

Planning the workspace

Each kind of job requires a different kind of workspace setup. The IT sector being a dominant industry, workspaces have become standardized in line with this in terms of interior design. The advantage of the spartan design is that it can be tailored to suit most types of job roles just as well. The workspace can be a distinct room that can be as small as a cubicle, or even a partitioned area within another functional room. Either way, the goal is to have a dedicated space just for work, free from the bustle of the domestic environment. Even if you are living by yourself, the distractions at home can pervade into the workspace.

While sketching out a workspace, interior designers in Kerala suggest an area or a room with adequate room for movement and storage options. Even if you do not have any need for a lot of furniture initially, it is wise to keep an eye out for future requirements – as an extra monitor or bookshelf. If the necessary furniture is already on hand, you can measure the dimensions for the workspace easily and choose a good spot to set up the workspace.

Workspace Ergonomics

Working without the rigorous demands of an office environment lends a sort of casual attitude to the workspace you design at your home. While this may be perfectly suitable for stress-free performance and improved productivity, there is a tendency to become a bit too relaxed. And this is one area that you will certainly find economically beneficial in the long run. Backaches and eye problems associated with the office cubicle hamper your health and consequently your productivity.

Interior designers in Kerala suggest investing in a good desk and chair setup that will allow you to maintain a healthy posture throughout your work-time. An ergonomic office chair can provide a level of comfort that is just right for the workspace without putting too much strain on your posture.You can choose a desk just for a computer terminal or one that offers a wider desk space. Consider inbuilt storage options like drawers and shelves – these could reduce the clutter of the workspace and cut down the need for external storage options. 

Keep it neat and organized

Less clutter on the desk ensures better productivity. Better organizing the workspace gives it a positive feel uplifting your spirit and gets you ready for work. Digital workplaces have already done away with the piles of paperwork, but electronic equipment comes with its own tangle of wires and cables. A couple of USB docks and cable ties along with a good extension cord are all that you need to declutter the workspace. 

Put away all the stuff that you don’t immediately require. Storage options built into the desk may be used for this purpose, allowing space in external storage options for other essential items. A bulletin board can seem outdated in interior design compared to digital sticky note apps. However, you can still have one hanging on the wall to keep those schedules and reminders in view even with the screen turned off. And finally, a little dustbin in the corner – keeps the trash in one place, and you can practice hoops when you are bored.

Ensure Proper Lighting and Ventilation

A room with a view is reserved only for the top executives at the office. But at home, you can set yourself up in a spot with a picturesque view of the outside without a hitch. It is quite easy to break down the cliched image of slogging in the gloom of the office, with just a window near your workspace. Windows can also provide much-needed cross ventilation if the workplace is behind closed doors. If the view is not particularly pleasant, you can simply turn the desk away from the window, without sacrificing the natural lighting and airflow

This is not to discount the advantages offered by artificial lighting options. A small desk lamp can light up a workspace in night and day just as efficiently. Mood lighting can add to the natural lighting or stand on its own, giving a warm ambience to the workplace. Consult with an interior design company if you wish to renovate your workspace with sufficient light and ventilation. 

Finally, having completed setting up the workspace, you can now balance productivity with comfort. Do remember not to tire yourself out working too much. Take some short breaks to get some stretches in and tuck into some refreshments. If you feel the workspace design is not to your satisfaction, consult with an interior design company to get it done right.


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