Planning a Dream Kitchen for Your Home

There is no better way to describe a kitchen short of calling it the soul of the home. Four walls can make a house, but it is the kitchen that gives life to it and makes it a home. It is well known that most homeowners spend quite a lot of time perfecting their kitchen more than any other part of their home. It is that one space where function and aesthetics must be perfect to the highest degree. 

Ultimately, your imagination is the limit to designing the perfect kitchen. We have put together some pointers from interior design experts so you can design the kitchen of your dreams. These ingenious techniques will undoubtedly help you rethink the way a kitchen should look like, and bring forth a kitchen design that you’ll love.

Outlining the Kitchen Layout

The designing of the kitchen must incorporate all the essential components like appliances, plumbing and fixtures. And this must be in line with the specific function of the kitchen that you have in mind. Apart from cooking and its associated actions, visualize how you will use the kitchen: a dining area within or adjoining the kitchen, an island as a prepping area, or even a mini-bar in a corner. The final choice of the kitchen design rests on your requirements for space and daily use.

When you finalize on these functional aspects, choosing the final layout becomes an easy task. Interior designers in Kerala propose various kitchen design layouts that you can choose from: U-shaped, G-shaped, Peninsula and more. Plan ahead to find how each layout fits with the functional flow of your daily kitchen activities. Remember to keep a tally on the budget and the actual cost of building the kitchen.

Storage Space is Key

Every inch of space in the kitchen is precious. Good organization is important even in a large kitchen: accessing essential items is all the more important if you do not want to run across the kitchen while cooking. A modular kitchen design delineating specific zones for each kind of kitchen component is recommended by expert interior designers in Kerala. This will ensure that food, cutlery, cooking utensils and the like are grouped by function and close at hand if you need them. 

Cabinets with pull-out shelves and drawers save the hassle of rooting through the kitchen looking for each item. Incorporating spice racks and deep drawers, as well as kickboards can increase storage space and keep select items close at hand. Extending the top cabinets all the way to the ceiling will not only utilize the unused spaces, but would reduce the dust-accumulation on top of cabinets. Additionally, if you have a kitchen island or dining area in mind, you can get creative with inbuilt storage options like bench storage drawers.

Lighting Options

This is one area that most homeowners tend to overlook. Lighting options are considered a hallmark in almost every other room but the kitchen. Natural lighting aside, proper lighting is quite necessary for your kitchen design. With the rising popularity of the modular kitchen design, lighting options are becoming noticed again. Lighting the kitchen involves both functional and aesthetic elements. The general rule of thumb is that no part of the kitchen surface should remain in the shadows.

General lighting options provide even lighting throughout the kitchen. This could be overhead lights or wall-lights that can disperse light across the entire kitchen space. Apart from this, task lighting fixtures help shine light on particular places – at the prep area, the sink area, and even the cooking area. While not essential, accent lighting helps provide a homely ambience, and highlights your kitchen design.

Kitchen Style

The unique style of the kitchen is the facet that presents your personality to the world. Introduce some features of your home’s architecture into your kitchen design for a characteristic style. Start off with the kinds of materials and colours that go into each area of the kitchen design, and then choose the style that fits with this selection. Modular kitchen design is particularly noted for the use of one or two dominant colours for the entire surface of the kitchen. 

Even so, you can experiment with a combination of styles without being limited by building materials matching the design. Additionally, the style of your kitchen must not be weighed down by the quality of materials used. It is implicitly understood that a kitchen is built for a lifetime. Do remember to use durable materials for areas that face frequent wear and tear.

Designing and executing your dream kitchen should be a smooth process, so feel free to consult an interior design company if you find it difficult at any point.


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