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Looking to decorate your new home and seeking thematic inspiration? Search no more. We’re covering 3 home interior design tips that are popular in modern homes.

Choose Correct Paint according to your room- It is always important how good your home looks internally. Colour combination in different rooms makes the differences, avoid dark colours because it make rooms look smaller and dark colours absorb more lights and it gives dull looks. Make sure you use a different colour combination in bedroom, living area and dining hall etc.

Go Green- Everyone loves a green environment and what if you get a fresh air and relaxation along with it! A plant can change the whole structure of your rooms and it takes away all the bad air and give you a fresh air to breadth and feel.

Layer your lighting- Taking a layered approach to your lighting with multiple light sources across different levels can create the perfect ambience and add an interesting feature to your room. With the right kind of interior lights for your home, you can uplift your room and make it feel larger. Low hung pendant lights, for example, create the illusion of height and a cluster of lights can give your space a cosy feel.

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Color is more than just an aesthetic choice — it can also influence the entire mood and feeling of a space. For example, most people think of red as a “passionate” or “intense” hue, while blues and greens are usually perceived as “tranquil” or “soothing” and yellow is often associated with words like “happy” and “optimistic.” Think about not only your visual preferences, but also, the sort of energy or attitude you’re trying to cultivate when deciding on a color scheme for your room.


“Shape” is simply another term for “form,” expressing the contours of any artwork, furniture, or other 3-D object you could imagine. Furniture, sculpture, and even rooms themselves can take on two types of forms: organic forms (which are natural and irregular, with curvy or abstract shapes), and geometric forms (which feature sharp, man-made lines and edges, like squares or triangles).

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To Visualize Your home interior Dreams you can always ask the service of an any professional interior designers.


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