• COT-017

       Bedroom designed for a customer in Thrissur, Kerala. tahiti teak colored king size bed cot to with two bottom storage with side table . wall design with wallpapers and niche .

      king size cot  205 cm x 182 cm

      mattress size 190 cm x 180 cm

      laminated color tahiti teak

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    • COT-016

      Compact unisex  bedroom designed for a client in Trivandrum, Kerala. Paired with ivory walls with book shelf rug and light walnut shaded floor, this room serves to be perfect ambience for children. emerald and white colored cot creates a vibrant vibe and is ideal for any age 

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    • COT-015

      Guest bedroom queen size cot designed by arena interiors, this  elevated wood theme bedroom make the feel of clam and relaxing.

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    • COT-014

      Large carpeted master bedroom with beige floor tiles and ivory walls designed for a client in Trivandrum, Kerala. Salmon pink and grey striped rug selected to compliment bronze textured painted wall and copper shaded bed spread. Carsima wooden bed cot with Carisma wooden side tables to match wardrobe and door work. 

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    • COT-013

      Large master bedroom with beige walls and flesh pink floor designed for a client in Kochi, Kerala. A walnut style cot and wardrobe built as per customer’s vision with matching door work. 

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    • COT-012

      Master bedroom remodeled in Pala, Kerala for a client who preferred a ‘simple neat’ yet classy look. Copper rustic bedspread and a Canadian walnut cot paired with ivory window blinds bring out the perfect balance for a minimalist look. 

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    • COT-011

      Large trendy master bedroom designed in Thrissur with rustic brown carpet. Canadian walnut colored cot with a simple headboard paired with golden brown wallpaper and nude shade floor tiles bridging the traditional look and a contemporary style. 

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    • COT-010

      Rustic carpeted compact master bedroom with beige floor remodeled for a client in Trivandrum. Designed with timber wooden shade cot and pale ivory walls, this bedroom reflects complete essence for a customer in Kerala who preferred the ‘simple clean’ yet luxurious look.  

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    • COT-009

      In this luxurious master bedroom designed for a customer in Kochi, we installed coal willowooden and white striped cot with dark estoile wooden headboard. Walls painted with a tint of beige coupled with off-white cream wall paper.

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